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Powerful. Engaging. REAL.                        NEXT EVENT, RESACON, JANUARY 16, 2015 LAS VEGAS, NV 

 "Lisa McIntee is a sharp and savvy business woman whose passion for    AUTHENTICITY IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND INSPIRATION         
life and business makes it seem like she runs both seamlessly. Lisa's                                                & INSPIRED PEOPLE ARE SUCCESSFUL IN ALL ASPECTS OF THEIR
 passion for business explodes on the stage as she shares her knowledge                                        LIVES.  HAVING EXPERIENCED THE HIGH'S AND LOW'S OF LIFE'S
with others in an effort to help them achieve their goals by teaching                                              ROLLER COASTER BY AGE 34, LISA DEFINE'S A UNIQUE APPROACH
them to make strategic and well placed decisions regarding their                                                   TO GROWTH PERSONALLY & PROFESSIONALLY THAT HAS BEEN      business. Lisa is motivating and her energy is contagious. She is a must                                          THE FOUNDATION OF SUCCESS THAT DEFINES HER LIFE AND  
see business speaker."      - Shell Brodnax, CEO, Real Estate Staging Association.                            THOSE WHO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO HEAR HER SPEAK.




If you are looking for a keynote address or a workshop/seminar presentation, look no further.  Lisa's inspiration pertains to any industry and she also hosts industry specific workshops/seminars that are  packed with explosive information and strategies designed to elevate every aspect of your personal and professionals life.  If you want to taste success, you must let Lisa inspire you as it is our inspiration where success all truly begins.

"Lisa puts her heart into her speaking and she is very sincere and authentic...I am a very successful business person myself and know that when I want to learn about something I need to hear it from the experts who know how to reach your heart and move you with the knowledge they present." - Kelly Peletier, LUXE Property Staging

"Lisa is a business Powerhouse" - Melissa Marro, Realtor, Watson Realty 

For all speaking engagements, you will receive photographs and a bio for publicity purposes. 

Please contact us with your event details and dates and we will respond to your request within 24 hours. 


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