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Professional Realtors & motivated home owners turn to The Staging Professionals when they want to exceed their goals when selling their home.  Home Staging has changed drastically over the years and we have seen buyer demands evolve year after year and as an award-winning company, we constantly keep up with the demands and trends that set the stage for a successful sale.   Professionally executed home staging is a team effort and it takes a professional network and strategy to successfully market any property to a buyer who will pay top dollar.  Interior Marketing Consulting takes the concept of home staging to a whole new level, and The Staging Professionals are the first to encompass all of the elements and professionals involved in a successful sale and incorporate them into one dynamic and proven successful package.

Vacant & Model Homes typically do not require a consultation, a vacant estimate can be provided at no cost.   Contact us to arrange for your estimate.


Our Interior Marketing Consultants will meet with you to define your goals when selling, assess the home and property, create a multi-media showcasing strategy (designed to make your home look picture perfect to attract buyers), develop a showcasing strategy that will target your homes' ideal buyer profile, and provide solutions and resources to assist with any items required during the preparation process.  If you do not currently have a Realtor, we can work with you at this time to ensure you find the best Realtor to meet your goals and needs.

Interior Marketing Consultation (Occupied Homes): $325



Implementing the ideas and suggestions provided are imperative to ensuring we create a solid foundation for the Interior Marketing Plan to be successful.  Common recommendations can include paint colours, packing excess items throughout the home, addressing any major issues (leaks/mold etc), addressing lighting and defining space.  In addition to common items, we will also provide you with items that can dramatically enhance the perceived value of your home (backsplash, flooring updates, storage solutions, cabinet painting, hardware etc) and space. These items are only recommended if they will provide a high monetary return or increased saleability.  We will always view your home differently than you do, and we understand that this can be the most frustrating part of the preparation process but we will work with you to arrange the required assistance and develop realistic time frames for you to have the work completed. 

**We always take into consideration the way you will need to continue to live in your home when structuring this plan to minimize inconvenience.**


Showcasing your home is the "icing on the cake", it is the same reason why women wear lipstick and heels and stores create enticing window displays.  Attraction on any level often begins with what we see and first impressions take mere seconds to form.  The final step of our Interior marketing strategy is to ensure your home is not only picture perfect but also evokes serious emotional connections when we attract that perfect buyer to view your home in person.

The Staging Professionals offers furniture & accessory rental from their fully stocked warehouse as well as rental options from one of Southern Ontario's most exclusive furniture retailers for those important statement pieces that will captivate any buyer.

An estimate for showcasing will be provided with your Interior Marketing Consultation.  


For properties outside Southern Ontario, please visit our International Services page, Thank you.










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